Country United States
Active since 09.05.2005
Website URL Link
Supported Languages
Affiliate Program No
User Reviews 2 / 1
Can be exchanged to
BTC Perfect Money Neteller Cash $kril Payeer AdvCash Visa/Mastercard Приват MonoBank Райффайзен УКРСИББАНК QIWI Сбербанк Тинькофф Yandex ВТБ24 Webmoney Bank Wire Epese Paxum Western Union Moneygram Capitalist Epay Monero ZCash DASH Tron Ethereum Ripple Открытие ПочтаБанк Авангард Рокетбанк Газпромбанк NEO Phone Balance LTC BITCOINSV BitcoinCash Stellar DOGE EOS CARDANO EthereumClassic Русский Стандарт Промсвязьбанк РНКБ TETHERERC20 Perfect Money Voucher OmiseGO Waves

Payoneer was established in 2005 and is currently headquartered in New York. This payment system offers reliable and efficient payment solutions to customers from more than 200 countries. Payoneer is partnered with over 2000 organizations around the globe, including small businesses and big corporations such as Airbnb and Google. Payoneer allows users to carry out a wide range of fast and secure operations with low fees.

It doesn't matter where you are, because, with Payoneer, you can send and receive payments just as easily as in your local bank.

Payoneer supports 150 currencies, and more than 3 million users have chosen Payoneer as their only payment method. Those who want to earn with Payoneer can participate in Payoneer's affiliate program. In just like any other affiliate program, Payoneer affiliate program participants get a small percentage of all transactions that people they bring into the system carry out.

The Payoneer website is available in seven languages, and the customer support service is ready to help all clients 24/7.

Whether you are a freelancer, a merchant, a business owner, or a wage worker, Payoneer can provide you with services that suit your needs. Mass payments, instant money transfers, payment tracking just to name a few.

All money transfers among users within the Payoneer system are tax-free.


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  • Payoneer à perfect money

    Bonjour, comment s'est fait l echange de payoneer à perfect money

    By Nehemie ( 169.159.212.* ) 2021-01-31 05:40 0 Comments Add a Comment
  • Bad

    Money have stuck for half year.

    By Administrator ( 85.206.5.* ) 2020-09-01 11:52 0 Comments Add a Comment
  • Payoneer to Perfect-Money

    Je veux échanger mes fonds de Payoneer ver Perfect-Money

    By LEWEBBUSINESS ( 154.117.193.* ) 2018-08-16 03:15 0 Comments Add a Comment
  • Payoneer to neteller

    Exchange need

    By Foisal ( 103.92.234.* ) 2018-01-15 09:47 0 Comments Add a Comment
  • Payoneer to skrill

    I want to exchange as soon as possible

    By Foisal ( 103.92.234.* ) 2018-01-15 09:46 0 Comments Add a Comment
  • exchange payoneer to btc

    i want to exchange

    By Torunok ( 103.230.107.* ) 2017-03-18 10:10 0 Comments Add a Comment

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Popular Exchangers

On the left, exchangers that buy Payoneer at the best rate are shown, and on the right - exchangers that sell Payoneer at the best rate.
Both lists are sorted by popularity, from the most frequently used exchanger to the least used one.
24ATM 33.59% 18.72%
MY24pay 16.41% 14.62%
CeshEX 14.36%
CeshEX 27.99%
MY24pay 22.45% 19.53%
24ATM 16.33% 7.29%

Available Exchange Directions

On the left, the most popular conversion directions involving Payoneer as source currency are shown, and on the right - the most popular conversion directions involving Payoneer as target currency.
Both lists are sorted by popularity, from the most frequently used conversion direction to the least used one.
Perfect Money USD ➤ Payoneer USD 53.94%
Payeer USD ➤ Payoneer USD 20.12%
BTC ➤ Payoneer USD 11.08%
Webmoney WMZ ➤ Payoneer USD 6.12%
Ethereum ➤ Payoneer USD 2.04%
Ripple ➤ Payoneer USD 2.04%
AdvCash USD ➤ Payoneer USD 1.46%
Сбербанк RUB ➤ Payoneer USD 1.17%
QIWI RUB ➤ Payoneer USD 0.58%
TETHERERC20 ➤ Payoneer USD 0.58%
Visa/Mastercard RUB ➤ Payoneer USD 0.29%
Тинькофф RUB ➤ Payoneer USD 0.29% USD ➤ Payoneer USD 0.00%
Bank Wire USD ➤ Payoneer USD 0.00%
Epese USD ➤ Payoneer USD 0.00%
Paxum USD ➤ Payoneer USD 0.00%
Western Union USD ➤ Payoneer USD 0.00%
Moneygram USD ➤ Payoneer USD 0.00%
$kril USD ➤ Payoneer USD 0.00%
Capitalist USD ➤ Payoneer USD 0.00%
Neteller USD ➤ Payoneer USD 0.00%
Epay USD ➤ Payoneer USD 0.00%
Monero ➤ Payoneer USD 0.00%
ZCash ➤ Payoneer USD 0.00%
DASH ➤ Payoneer USD 0.00%
Tron ➤ Payoneer USD 0.00%
Visa/Mastercard USD ➤ Payoneer USD 0.00%
AdvCash RUB ➤ Payoneer USD 0.00%
Открытие RUB ➤ Payoneer USD 0.00%
ПочтаБанк RUB ➤ Payoneer USD 0.00%
AdvCash EUR ➤ Payoneer USD 0.00%
Авангард RUB ➤ Payoneer USD 0.00%
Рокетбанк RUB ➤ Payoneer USD 0.00%
Газпромбанк RUB ➤ Payoneer USD 0.00%
Bank Wire RUB ➤ Payoneer USD 0.00%
NEO ➤ Payoneer USD 0.00%
Райффайзен RUB ➤ Payoneer USD 0.00%
Capitalist RUB ➤ Payoneer USD 0.00%
Phone Balance RUB ➤ Payoneer USD 0.00%
Perfect Money BTC ➤ Payoneer USD 0.00%
LTC ➤ Payoneer USD 0.00%
BITCOINSV ➤ Payoneer USD 0.00%
AdvCash UAH ➤ Payoneer USD 0.00%
BitcoinCash ➤ Payoneer USD 0.00%
Stellar ➤ Payoneer USD 0.00%
DOGE ➤ Payoneer USD 0.00%
ВТБ24 RUB ➤ Payoneer USD 0.00%
Payeer EUR ➤ Payoneer USD 0.00%
Perfect Money EUR ➤ Payoneer USD 0.00%
EOS ➤ Payoneer USD 0.00%
CARDANO ➤ Payoneer USD 0.00%
Visa/Mastercard BYN ➤ Payoneer USD 0.00%
Bank Wire BYN ➤ Payoneer USD 0.00%
Visa/Mastercard EUR ➤ Payoneer USD 0.00%
Bank Wire EUR ➤ Payoneer USD 0.00%
Payeer RUB ➤ Payoneer USD 0.00%
EthereumClassic ➤ Payoneer USD 0.00%
Русский Стандарт RUB ➤ Payoneer USD 0.00%
Промсвязьбанк RUB ➤ Payoneer USD 0.00%
РНКБ RUB ➤ Payoneer USD 0.00%
Yandex RUB ➤ Payoneer USD 0.00%
Perfect Money Voucher USD ➤ Payoneer USD 0.00%
OmiseGO ➤ Payoneer USD 0.00%
Waves ➤ Payoneer USD 0.00%
AdvCash KZT ➤ Payoneer USD 0.00%