Affiliate Program

General Information

OKchanger invites you to participate in its referral program. Earn by helping us gain more traffic!

We are ready to provide all necessary promotional materials including texts, banners, scripts, etc. Start promoting OKchanger by publishing promotional materials on your website, blog, forum, social network or other places.

Your referral link contains a unique code used referred users identification. The referral program is in a bigger way beneficial to the owners of frequently visited websites (online stores, marketing and e-commerce services). The more customers you bring to OKchanger - the more money you earn. Affiliate statistical data (the number of referred users and the number of earned referral bonuses) is available in your affiliate account.

Terms and Conditions

By registering as an affiliate on the OKchanger website, you accept and agree to be bound by the terms and provisions of the TOC.

1. Referral bonuses are paid out to your affiliate account in USD. You can withdraw your referral earnings via supported payment systems.
2. The minimum withdrawal amount for affiliate accounts is $1.00 USD.
3. Every unique client that visits OKchanger by clicking on the link you provided can bring you up to $0.35 USD.
3.1. Here is how a referral payment for one visitor is calculated:

  • The basic rate – $0.04 USD.
If the referred user:
  • uses our exchanger monitor, you get paid additional $0.02 USD;
  • returns to our website within the next 14 days, you get paid additional $0.02 USD;
  • registers as an affiliate, you get 15% of that user's income on OKchanger;
  • registers as an affiliate and brings another affiliate, you get 5% of the latter's income on OKchanger.

3.2. OKchanger reserves the right to change the affiliate commission rates at any time. However, these changes will not affect the rates for the users that you had referred before the update.

4. A user will not be identified as unique (will not be credited to you as your referral) in the following cases:

  • a visit to our website via an affiliate link from the IP address that has already been registered within the last 14 days;
  • low visit depth (your referred user left our website shortly after visiting it);
  • the visitor came to our website only to get a free bonus;
  • the affiliate clicked on their own affiliate link.

5. It is forbidden to click on your own affiliate links or attempt to increase the number of your referrals in any other fraudulent way.

6. While promoting OKchanger, you must give accurate and truthful description of our services. Providing users with wrong and misleading information about OKchanger in order to make them click on your affiliate link will result in your affiliate account being blocked.

7. It is forbidden to:

  • publish the affiliate link in active promotion systems, on pay-per-click websites and similar advertising platforms;
  • publish the affiliate link on websites that use the services of active promotion systems, pay-per-click websites and similar advertising platforms;
  • publish the affiliate link on any other platforms that work on the CPM/CPI principle;
  • send the affiliate link in spam messages;
  • publish the affiliate link on websites that display promo materials in popup-windows;
  • publish the affiliate link on web pages that can’t be viewed without registration (closed communities in social networks, private forum threads, etc.).

8. Any violation of these terms and conditions will result in your affiliate account being blocked without prior warning and all referral earnings in the account being frozen.
9. The safety of the affiliate account authentication data (login and password) is the sole responsibility of the affiliate.
10. These terms and conditions can be changed unilaterally at any time without prior announcement to the participants of the affiliate program. However, you can always find the valid terms and conditions on this page.


To become our affiliate, click on the Registration link and fill out a brief registration form.