Exchanger monitor OKchanger

Exchanger monitor OKchanger is for those who exchange electronic currency and want to do it quickly, safely and cheaply. To learn how this exchanger monitor works, watch this video.

Favorable exchange rates

The list below contains 20 of the best exchange rates for the most popular electronic currency pairs, presently offered by exchangers. If you are interested in other exchange directions, you can choose a currency pair and then an exchanger from the currency pairs list on the left-hand side of the page.

How does the exchanger monitoring service work?

Exchanger monitor OKchanger displays a list of exchangers that can be sorted by: operation mode, (manual, semi-automatic, automatic), exchange rate, amount of reserves and user reviews. This information helps people quickly find favorable rates on the best currency exchangers.

OKchanger contains other useful information as well: lists, ratings, descriptions, statistics and user reviews on electronic payment systems, internet banks, cryptocurrencies and trading platforms.

Our service is being constantly improved with new technologies coming into use, which helps track the best electronic currency exchange rates more effectively, and, as the result, carry out more favorable exchanges.

Exchanger Give Get Reserve
1.00 BTC 5659.1718 PayPal USD 8950 PayPal USD
1.00 BTC 5504.8528 PayPal USD 9998 PayPal USD
1.00 OKPAY USD 1.0050 Perfect Money USD 102856 Perfect Money USD
1.00 Skrill USD 0.9400 PayPal USD 964 PayPal USD
1.00 Skrill USD 0.9160 PayPal USD 27940 PayPal USD
1.00 PayPal USD 0.8810 Webmoney WMZ 17511 Webmoney WMZ
1.00 PayPal USD 0.8610 AdvCash USD 3799 AdvCash USD
1.00 PayPal USD 0.8510 Skrill USD 5113 Skrill USD
1.00 PayPal USD 0.8510 Skrill USD 4306 Skrill USD
1.00 PayPal USD 0.8460 OKPAY USD 619 OKPAY USD
1.00 PayPal USD 0.8410 Perfect Money USD 2148 Perfect Money USD
1.00 PayPal USD 0.8050 Perfect Money USD 45376 Perfect Money USD
1.00 PayPal USD 0.8050 Payeer USD 25966 Payeer USD
1.00 PayPal USD 0.8050 Payza USD 14190 Payza USD
1.00 PayPal USD 0.8050 OKPAY USD 10781 OKPAY USD
5659.1740 AdvCash USD 1.00 BTC 108000 BTC
5717.5160 Perfect Money USD 1.00 BTC 108000 BTC
5935.0774 Visa/MC USD 1.00 BTC 100000 BTC
5935.9390 Visa/MC USD 1.00 BTC 6 BTC
6381.6209 Neteller USD 1.00 BTC 1 BTC