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Active since 09.08.2020
Last Rates Update 26.05.2024
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User Reviews 8 / 31
Reserve 919033.74 USD – fast exchange service Vikbit is an online exchanger that allows you to quickly convert digital assets to both fiat and other cryptocurrencies. The exchange service combines attractive rates, fast and secure exchanges and an easy-to-use website. Vikbit sets clear and simple exchange rules. The service guarantees the security of transactions by providing transparent exchange conditions.


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    Сделал 26.02.2024 обмен, по сегодня 28.02.24 деньги так и не поступили. 27.02.2024, увидел что мой ордер отменили, потом снова столо обрабатывается и после снова отменили. Тех.поддержка не отвечает, игнорируют любые сообщения в чате/телеграмме. Переводил деньги с германии. Комменты на сайте vikbit com крученые. МОШЕННИКИ!!! Все кого так же обманули, обратитесь в роскомнадзор, вбейте в поисковике гугла роскомнадзор и вы найдёте официальный сайт, оставьте жалобу на этот сайт и они помогут!!

    Operation ID: 44348

    By Alex ( 178.25.244.* ) 2024-02-28 06:19 0 Comments Add a Comment
  • Мошенники!

    Сделал 15.02.2024 обмен в 18:00 по Мск, всю ночь ждал перевод, но деньги так и не поступили. Сегодня утром 16.02.2024, через 12 часов после обмена, увидел что мой ордер удалили. Тех.поддержка не отвечает, игнорируют любые сообщения в чате/телеграмме. Переводил деньги человек из зарубежа, поэтому он не смог определить поддельные отзывы на сайте. Мошенники!

    Operation ID: 44267

    By neonzz ( 185.34.241.* ) 2024-02-16 07:19 1 Comments Add a Comment
  • Cool fast service.

    Cool fast service. If any difficulties arise, the operator solves the problem immediately.

    By ravev ( 185.174.110.* ) 2023-12-19 06:24 0 Comments Add a Comment
  • Never send Your money SCAM And FAKE REVIEWS are on this website

    Please save your money I created a perfect Money transfer worth 500 $ to the payer and they marked completed the transfer and let you think it will take time BUT NO FUCKING WAY PLEASE DESTROY THIS FCK Website they try to look legit I have proof that none of their claims is true. NO morals and values steal people's money when their need to eat and drink Always Research before sending money On a shit site like this. USE BEST EXCHANGE for safety.

    By aqsze87 ( 109.62.69.* ) 2023-02-09 02:14 1 Comments Add a Comment
  • I recommend this exchange!

    The operators are polite and will tell and show everything. Who else doubts change here without hesitation, quickly, clearly and clearly!

    By dezog ( 81.169.151.* ) 2023-01-20 05:26 0 Comments Add a Comment
  • The best exchanger and technical support

    Fast delivery, never had any problems. Recently there was a problem due to my fault, to my surprise, support solved it quickly and in my direction, I definitely recommend it!

    By hapse ( 198.16.66.* ) 2023-01-02 05:14 0 Comments Add a Comment
  • Scam Alart

    Stay Away from this Scam exchange. Their PerfectMoney account also blocked due to high number of scam reports. Stay away from this fraud

    By yeyemir940 ( 168.63.234.* ) 2022-09-12 01:23 1 Comments Add a Comment
  • Воры

    Воры украли деньги! Остерегайтесь этого обменника, положительным отзывам верить не стоит.

    Operation ID: 42280

    By vialaia ( 192.145.81.* ) 2022-09-09 04:40 1 Comments Add a Comment
  • Scam Alart

    Stay away from this scammer. and complaint to your local police.

    By barak70339 ( 20.66.54.* ) 2022-09-08 07:42 1 Comments Add a Comment
  • Scammer Scam Scam Scam

    Never send money, or exchange with them
    They will take all the money and you will not get anything back
    I don't understand why they are still posting their pages here. okchanger please block this scammer

    By moteyi9519 ( 68.183.34.* ) 2022-09-07 09:07 1 Comments Add a Comment
  • Scammer

    Created 800$ PM USD to USDT exchange.
    but after payment complete from my side he edited USDT address and marked the exchange as completed.
    I have emails and screenshots showing my correct address. 100% scammer
    after payment complete from my side scammer is not totally replying email, live chat, telegram.. Stay away from this scam exchange

    Operation ID: 42223

    By aslisk ( 103.83.3.* ) 2022-09-06 06:52 2 Comments Add a Comment
  • Big Fraud Scammer

    Users who getting scammed by this site complaint on
    Domain Registrar Email :
    He is using WhiteBit & Kuna Crypto exchange complain there
    Complaint on PerfectMoney support [his perfectmoney id U22859329]
    Complain on PayPal his paypal email is:
    Complain to your local police and cyber crime department. and also give information to Interpol
    this scammer will get to jail soon

    By aslisk ( 103.115.1.* ) 2022-09-02 01:39 0 Comments Add a Comment
  • BEWARE from this fraudsters

    Website owner is scammer
    Please do not make any business with them. Save your time and money!

    By cikev20889 ( 20.219.192.* ) 2022-08-31 08:23 1 Comments Add a Comment
  • Big Fraud

    This site big scam , All positive rate make by him, but he not pay for any one . Beware .. BEWARE .. BE CAREFUL from him. scammed 950$

    Operation ID: 42236

    By cepar30161 ( 20.212.109.* ) 2022-08-31 08:12 1 Comments Add a Comment
  • Worst experience

    The OKCHANGER team should have a look at this scammer
    You make payment, he inspect elements a transaction, then sends you a doctored screenshot to keep you pending as he continues to swindle money from other unsuspecting users. Please keep away if you need peace of mind

    By Jebab ( 20.245.184.* ) 2022-08-31 07:35 1 Comments Add a Comment
  • Scam

    Stay away from this scammer

    By nitifal850 ( 209.97.133.* ) 2022-08-31 07:26 1 Comments Add a Comment
  • Scammer

    100% scammer . stay away

    By hesawal451 ( 185.220.101.* ) 2022-08-31 10:14 1 Comments Add a Comment
  • Payment not received

    Its now about 3 hours still payment not received. tried contacting on Email, Telegram , Live chat still no response

    Operation ID: 42223

    By aslisk ( 103.83.3.* ) 2022-08-29 06:25 3 Comments Add a Comment
  • Decent exchanger with a good exchange rate

    The exchange was made very quickly. Great chat help, step by step instructions. Thank you!

    By magarza ( 195.181.164.* ) 2022-05-20 11:58 0 Comments Add a Comment
  • It can happen to anyone

    Website looks good but from other complaints I've received and people I've helped get their money back. This is just another one of those shady companies that have nothing to offer. If you have found yourself a victim of these guys and need help getting your investments back please reach out to me and i'll share my experience on how I got mine back; Susiebell2009 {at} gmail_, dot com

    By susanb ( 37.19.221.* ) 2022-05-20 08:15 0 Comments Add a Comment
  • Excellent exchanger

    Operators work operatively on any questions and problems. Plus you can earn on the account of the referral system. I advise you all this exchanger.

    By limlof ( 147.135.36.* ) 2022-05-03 04:29 0 Comments Add a Comment
  • I advise!!!

    I want to express my deep gratitude to this exchanger. The most important thing is quickly and qualitatively available !!!!

    By vultij ( 147.135.11.* ) 2022-04-21 04:16 0 Comments Add a Comment
  • Very fast exchange!

    Excellent service, everything is very fast, clear and high quality. I recommend. Success team!!!

    By vertetep ( 165.22.58.* ) 2022-04-15 04:23 0 Comments Add a Comment
  • Changed quickly and at a good rate!

    Good service, fast and quality work! I liked everything, thanks! Recommend!

    By stunad ( 54.37.73.* ) 2022-04-11 05:43 0 Comments Add a Comment
  • No money, no support!

    BTC sent, bank payment not received. The site says support is online but it remains silent, not responding.
    I've been waiting for my payment for more than 12 hours after blockchain confirmations.
    No money, no moneyback, no support.
    Once I receive the payment I will remove this complaint, untill that -
    Stay away from this exchange!

    Operation ID: 41499

    By Yapp1 ( 195.216.219.* ) 2022-04-06 10:16 4 Comments Add a Comment
  • Thanks for the quality service!

    I have been using this exchanger for a long time! Courses are always within reason and the speed of work is one of the best! So I recommend it to everyone!

    By firzifel ( 139.59.11.* ) 2022-04-05 04:24 0 Comments Add a Comment
  • Thanks for the good exchange.

    The money went quickly, I want to thank the team of this exchanger for the excellent work, they know their stuff!

    By coxiha ( 147.135.36.* ) 2022-03-31 04:51 0 Comments Add a Comment
  • Everything is very simple, fast, reliable

    Nice exchange rate, good feedback. The funds were credited to the card within 10 minutes. I will contact you again as needed. Thanks to.

    By culmohos ( 149.56.46.* ) 2022-03-25 06:06 0 Comments Add a Comment
  • A very good exchanger!

    A very good exchanger works like clockwork quickly, for which I am very grateful to them! God bless your project and all the best to you!

    By memles ( 212.8.249.* ) 2022-03-21 05:42 0 Comments Add a Comment

    This site can't pay.
    If they pay 20 dollars, they pay 50 dollars and they don't pay anymore.None of you will exchange

    By Ratul7788 ( 103.147.162.* ) 2022-03-15 03:13 1 Comments Add a Comment
  • The best exchange!

    Changed more than once, everything is always beautiful, just for me the best in the business! Good luck and good deeds to you always! Glad you exist!

    By hitrin ( 54.37.136.* ) 2022-03-14 05:42 0 Comments Add a Comment
  • My payment Not Received

    Order ID 41341

    Payment not received

    Operation ID: Order ID 41341

    By ROBIN888 ( 37.111.212.* ) 2022-03-13 09:08 2 Comments Add a Comment
  • The service is amazing!

    I make exchanges only here, because the best guys, no problems with payments, operators will always help, and will go to a meeting, I advise this service. Thanks guys for the fast work

    By fortibug ( 165.232.179.* ) 2022-03-04 06:16 0 Comments Add a Comment
  • Everything went quickly.

    This exchanger has the best exchange rate at the moment. At least for cryptocurrencies. Communication with the operator is good.

    By modret ( 77.73.67.* ) 2022-02-17 05:35 0 Comments Add a Comment
  • Everything is fine!

    The exchange was made quickly. Now I will use this exchanger and recommend it to others)))

    By lurkof ( 51.68.205.* ) 2022-02-11 05:32 0 Comments Add a Comment
  • Excellent!!!

    Excellent, they are very attentive to the analysis of any non-standard situation, and success is guaranteed.

    By nartabo ( 185.180.222.* ) 2022-02-07 05:26 0 Comments Add a Comment
  • Thanks a lot!

    Very nice support! They work very quickly and answer all your questions! Helped solve the problem with the translation.

    By hespum ( 54.37.18.* ) 2022-02-01 05:47 0 Comments Add a Comment
  • Conveniently. Quickly. Reliably.

    Of the benefits: each step is described in detail at the stages of the transaction. Recommend

    By gupsun ( 143.244.132.* ) 2022-01-26 05:54 0 Comments Add a Comment
  • Excellent exchanger!

    Excellent exchanger in every respect! I constantly use. The exchange is always fast and hassle-free. Thanks to the team for your support!

    By gupsar ( 51.68.141.* ) 2022-01-20 06:27 0 Comments Add a Comment
  • Service SUPER !!!

    There was some problem through my own fault, but those. support very quickly reacted and solved the problem, the exchange was made within a few minutes. Very fast and efficient. Thanks a lot

    By mistar ( 138.197.184.* ) 2022-01-14 06:21 0 Comments Add a Comment
  • You are simply the best !!!

    I have exchanged with you a million times, and even if sometimes it is more profitable at the exchange rate with others, I always choose you !! Because it is 100% confidence in the honesty, quality and speed of service !! Thank you, keep it up always !!

    By voydufil ( 149.56.135.* ) 2022-01-10 06:50 0 Comments Add a Comment
  • The most simple and convenient service.

    There was difficulty due to my mistake in replenishment, the operator quickly and efficiently explained what and how to do. Recommend !!!

    By napot ( 37.59.104.* ) 2021-12-30 06:34 0 Comments Add a Comment
  • Super !!!!

    I really like this service. Everything is fast, high quality. And 100% assistance in resolving issues.

    By zokke ( 185.32.221.* ) 2021-12-23 06:38 0 Comments Add a Comment
  • An excellent exchanger with excellent technical support.

    Since I am new to cryptocurrencies, I made a mistake with the transfer of funds, noticing this, I wrote right away to technical support, where the transaction was promptly canceled, and they helped to do everything perfectly.

    By gemlij ( 69.28.95.* ) 2021-12-15 07:39 0 Comments Add a Comment
  • And I liked the service.

    We served quickly enough, I write to the chat, I ask how long the application will take. And they answer me that it has already been done. I'm checking, and it's true that the money has already been transferred. Thanks, I'll take a note.

    By multik ( 176.126.83.* ) 2021-12-01 06:51 0 Comments Add a Comment
  • Even its late hours, they helped me perfectly.

    I forgot to mention application number on advcash usd transfer, they immediately wrote me to fix it and in 3-4 minutes everything is fixed and in total 10minutes everything is solved. thank you very much again.

    By dakuk ( 104.248.155.* ) 2021-11-26 06:56 0 Comments Add a Comment
  • All perfectly! Fast fair exchange!

    Thank you very much for your prompt work. I applied for the first time and I am very pleased with the work. I will cooperate with you. Good luck to you.

    By ciltoc ( 193.31.40.* ) 2021-11-18 06:58 0 Comments Add a Comment
  • Scammer

    I sent money to a scammer from perfect money for exchange.

    Batch: 432484587 - 5149.86 Perfect Money USD:

    Exchange Order Details:

    Order deleted after payment.

    Operation ID: 40667

    By LucPey ( 176.43.252.* ) 2021-11-16 04:51 2 Comments Add a Comment
  • Great exchanger!

    Great exchanger! Well done guys work quickly, my partner was helped to resolve the issue of transferring funds to the card !!! Good luck and prosperity !!!

    By gardig ( 45.76.158.* ) 2021-11-15 05:56 1 Comments Add a Comment
  • Exchanger is what you need !!!

    Comprehensive answers to all your questions. I would like to emphasize the low percentage of the transaction. High processing speed and everything related to crypto exchange. There are only positive impressions from the work of the team! Thank you and success in the future!

    By weviwem ( 147.135.36.* ) 2021-11-09 06:32 1 Comments Add a Comment
  • Работа сервиса исключительна! Спасибо за ваш труд!

    Решил оставить положительный отзыв о проделанной работе и сервису.
    Команда LucPey очень круто работает и мне только и остаётся ее рекомендовать друзьям и коллегам.
    Спасибо вам за ваш труд !

    By wavob ( 104.248.198.* ) 2021-11-03 11:29 1 Comments Add a Comment
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