Trading Platforms

The history of Trading Platforms

Money has been an integral part of society at all times. As the time went by the types and appearance of money were changing. However, despite its changing nature, money has been always connected with various social activities.

The very first type of money has appeared far back in the past. Since ancient times people used different objects to exchange goods with each other. Whether it were stones, animal skins, silver coins or other items, the money has gone through a lot of changes before it got the look that we are accustomed today. At some point of money evolution it became connected to the certain countries. Each country began its own money emission.

Later on different financial credit documents became widely used along with cash money. The great variety of money types and currencies gave rise to the need of exchanging between them. And after a short period an organized exchange service was in high demand. As a result the first places to offer exchange services along with regulation and control over exchange have appeared.

At that time such services were not like the ones that are widespread today. It were so-called "Exchange" - the place where merchants from anywhere in Europe can get the financial information and help, exchange money, currencies, and goods. In 1285 in Belgium the "Huis ter Beurze" exchange began to operate. Since then many Exchanges were opened across the world, and the number of people that used such services were constantly growing.

Trading Platforms today

Nowadays Trading Platforms are spread around the globe and represent a high-tech centres that operates with the help of computers and special software.

However, the appearance of the digital money has led to the creation of online Trading Platforms where people can freely exchange and trade cryptocurrencies and fiat money. Cryptocurrency was an important phenomenon to the world economy. It allowed people to transfer money and pay online without risking the security of their funds and not paying the high fees.

Using the modern Trading Platforms is not as easy as it seems. It does require certain experience and knowledge.

The usual interface of the Trading Platform website consists of different tables and charts displaying the actual rate changes. The tables with exchange directions are also available to the users. There are many different services today, however, there are couple that are standing out in terms of experience and trading volume - BTCChina and Poloniex. These two services attract huge numbers of clients from all over the world and their daily trading volume often exceed 180 000 BTC.