The most well-known payment systems

The most well-known electronic payment systems

As technologies continue to march at a fast pace, and the use of electronic money becomes more and more common, the need for services that would provide essential payment tools, security, and ease of use, was growing with each passing day. The banks could not handle the situation nor offer a solution. If someone needed to perform an operation with a bank account, they had to pay a visit to the bank office in person, wait in line and a long waiting period things would get done. The answer to the problem was payment systems. These services allow users to perform various financial operations online and control their accounts at any time. Most online transactions are carried out instantly and users can access their accounts anytime from anywhere as long as they have internet access. Today, the average user can choose from a multitude of payment systems, each of them offers unique options, rates, and fees. In this article, we will review ten most widely used payment systems that have earned much popularity and are reliable and secure.


OKPAY is an international payment system that has been operating since 2009. The system has one of the fastest growing communities and an impressive client base. Many users choose OKPAY, as it offers a great variety of financial services and pretty low fees. The system supports numerous ways of topping-up your balance and withdrawing funds. You will find different account options for personal and business use. Currently, OKPAY payments are widespread and are acceptable by many merchants and online shops. You can always trade OKPAY money on pretty much any exchanger. Business owners and merchants will find OKPAY payment solutions very helpful. It will attract new clients to your service and make the payment collection very simple. All accounts are highly secure with modern encryption technologies to prevent cyber attacks. After a quick registration procedure, you will be able to use most of OKPAY services. However, in order to expand your limits and get access to all features, you will have to verify your account. That will also help better protect your finances. Once your account is verified, you can apply for an OKPAY MasterCard that will allow you to pay for goods and services not only online but in real life as well. With an OKPAY MasterCard, you will be able to withdraw money from ATMs and bank offices in any country. OKPAY is officially registered in the British Virgin Islands. Users can participate in OKPAY's affiliate program. The website is available in twenty languages so anyone can use the system without any inconvenience. For those who need access to their wallets 24/7, OKPAY has remastered the website and the wallet interface for the sake of mobile users. Users can carry out any operation and control their funds on the go, using their phones and other devices.

Perfect Money

PerfectMoney is one of the most popular payment systems in Russia that has been operating since 2007. This payment system is officially registered in Panama. Like many other payment systems, PerfectMoney allows users to pay for various services online, transfer money to other users and control finances through web-based wallets. Depending on your needs, you can create an account denominated in USD, EUR, BTC or gold. PerfectMoney issues prepaid cards that can be used online and offline. The system ensures the safety of all accounts and offers two different account types: personal and business. There is also an affiliate program available to all registered users.


PayPal is truly a "veteran" of payment systems. It was launched in 1998 and since then has built a global client base around the world. Account creation is absolutely free, all accounts are tightly protected. You can use PayPal to transfer money or to pay for goods in online stores. There are two types of accounts available: personal and corporate. The mobile application will help those customers who want to have their online wallets handy. Using this payment system you can control your finances and perform various operations from your home, office or any other place as long as you have internet access.


Payeer is a relatively young payment system that appeared in 2012. However, despite the young age, the system has been rapidly rising in popularity and has already built a large client base. The system offers many wonderful features and functions. For instance, internal money transfers are available without any limits (excluding transfers to Visa and MasterCard where the limit is 5000 USD per transaction). The system supports an integrated exchange service. After registration, you will be able to pay for goods and services online, transfer or exchange your money, top-up your phone balance and much more. Like many other services, Payeer encourages its clients to participate in the affiliate program.


Yandex.Money is a popular payment system in Russia and the CIS. It has been operating for more than 14 years so far, starting its business back in 2002. You can register an account and create a wallet in the system. Right after that, you will be able to use your funds and perform operations online. All transactions are completely safe and are carried out instantly. There are many ways to top-up your balance or withdraw money. Yandex offers an "Auto payment" option, which will automatically replenish your phone balance once it reaches a certain level.


Skrill was originally designed to compete with PayPal. A couple of years since its creation, the service had managed to become a leading payment system. Skrill offers a classic set of features: online payments and money transfers, online wallets as a financial control tool, fast and secure transactions, and more. It requires only your email and password to complete registration. EU residents can apply for a MasterCard, which they can use to pay for goods in brick and mortar stores, withdraw money from ATMs, and more. If you have not used your account for at least a month, the system will start charging you 1 EUR monthly until your account becomes active again.


Neteller is another popular payment system that has been operating since 1999. Currently, this system is presented in more than 200 countries globally. Neteller issues prepaid cards for its clients. The advantage of these cards is that you will never spend more than you have and it is impossible to achieve a negative card balance. These cards employ some very strong protection mechanisms against hackers. Neteller cards do not have static ID numbers. Instead, the number is generated each time you perform a transaction. The website is available in ten different languages. You can replenish your account balance or withdraw money in numerous ways.


WebMoney is a Russian-based payment system that has a large client base and continues to gain popularity. It was originally launched in 1998. Depending on the currency of your wallet, you will have a unique wallet type. After account registration, you can create an unlimited number of wallets, each will be linked to your personal ID. Users can access their accounts from laptops and mobile devices. WebMoney offers special rates and fees for merchants, making the payment system more attractive in their eyes. There are numerous ways to top-up your balance or withdraw funds. All transactions are completely safe and the wallets have a reliable protection from hackers.


Wallet One is a payment system that came online in 2007. Currently, it is very popular among users and boasts more than 5 million registered users around the world. The W1 website is available in five languages and has an online support team that is always ready to help. Most features are available upon registration completion. However, in order to unlock all features and expand your limits, you will have to complete the verification procedure. More than ten thousand services accept wallet one payments, making it a common payment method in online stores. The mobile application allows users to perform all wallet operations on the go. It is available for iOS and Android devices.


AdvCash was launched in 2013. There are two types of accounts available: personal and business. If you participate in the affiliate program, you can get various bonuses and financial rewards. To create a wallet, users have to complete the verification procedure. AdvCash supports the following currencies: BTC, EUR, GBP, USD, and RUR. You can replenish your balance or withdraw money via wire transfers and MasterCard/VISA cards. AdvCash uses up-to-date technologies to provide the highest level of security to its customers.

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12 September 2016