How to make money with cryptocurrency? Wallet creation and moneymaking

Cryptocurrency for profit 101

Value of crypto money

Cryptocurrency came into existence not so long ago, but the whole world already knows what it is. It is a precious commodity, just like stocks, gold and diamonds. At the time of writing, bitcoin was hovering above $2500, whereas the price of gold (ounce) was lower than $1300.

Price of Bitcoin

Price of gold per ounce

The figures show that anybody can make money with this innovative commodity. In this article, we are going to talk about how to “ride” this trend and how someone can make a profit out of cryptocurrency.


Crypto wallet
How to exactly make money with cryptocurrency?

    Crypto wallet

    Where to store the earnings

    It’s best to make money with the most expensive cryptocoinBitcoin. But before you start doing that, you need to set up your cryptocurrency wallet. It doesn’t take much time and doesn’t require any effort whatsoever.

    Cryptocurrency wallet

    How to create a bitcoin wallet?

    Go to this place and choose one of the four bitcoin wallet types:

    • Mobile (smartphone/tablet)

    • Desktop (laptop, netbook, desktop)

    • Hardware (special hardware for cryptocoin storage)

    • Web (remote access)

    Each type has its own upsides and downsides, but most people prefer storing their bitcoins on online servers.

    Bitcoin wallet service providers

    Cryptocoin wallets are developed and maintained by certain services, choose one as well:

    • Bitcoin Knots,

    • Bitcoin Core,

    • Blither,

    • Coin.Space,

    • and others.

    Each service offers varying levels of security, transparency, confidentiality, payment tracking and freedom of funds control. All of them are good in their own ways.
    After you’ve chosen a wallet service provider, go to its website by clicking on the “visit website” button.

    Then “Get started”:

    “Get bitcoin address”:

    Your account page:

    This is it. Now you have a legitimate bitcoin wallet with which you can start making money.

      How to exactly make money with cryptocurrency?


      Bitcoin was designed as a digital analog of gold. And just like gold, it is supposed to be mined. Сryptocurrency comes into being as the result of mining, a process of creation and distribution of blocks throughout the chain that miners get rewarded for with some amounts of cryptocurrency. Cryptocoin farming is rising in popularity among enthusiasts who use computers as well as dedicated mining hardware.

      Mining farm made of graphics cards

      Trading on a cryptocurrency exchange

      You can earn money on virtual trading platformscryptocurrency exchanges. Exchanges are where cryptocurrencies are bought, sold and exchanged for fiat money and other cryptocurrencies. But in order to make a profit, one has to invest some capital. There are two ways of doing that:

      1. create an account with an exchange and replenish it with fiat money;

      2. buy crypto money at a favorable rate from an e-currency exchanger through an exchanger monitor, and transfer the funds to your account on the exchange.

      After that you’ll need to closely watch market indicators, then sell the cryptocurrency at the moment of its highest value, and buy at its lowest.

      Charts on crypto exchange EXMO

      Online casino

      If you wholeheartedly agree with the statements “who doesn’t risk doesn’t win” and “He who doesn’t risk never gets to drink champagne”, you’ll like the third way of making crypto money—online casino. This whole thing is, of course, quite risky, but it guarantees a lot of fun. is one of such casinos: it is a place where people play dice. According to the site’s statistics, someone has managed to win almost 70 bitcoins!

      Online casino

      Task completion

      There are many services that offer bitcoin-denominated rewards for task completion. Tasks range from visiting or registering on a website to watching ads, etc. For example, gives out such tasks. If you use this method, you can boost your earnings by bringing referrals to the website.

      Task giver site

      Payouts in cryptocurrency

      To the question “How to make money without investing?” there is a simple and logical answer“Work”. You can become a freelancer and receive payments in cryptocurrency. Payouts in bitcoins are popular with employers on Western freelance platforms.

      Freelance platform


        Cryptocurrencies provide a plethora of opportunities, including sizable and stable income. It is not too hard and is available to the average internet user. All you need to know is how exactly you can make money with cryptocurrency.

        If you need to quickly and inexpensively withdraw your crypto money, an e-currency exchanger monitor will come in handy.

        Exchanger monitor

        Good luck with your crypto earnings!

        Posted on
        17 July 2017