Affiliate program as the additional income

Affiliate program is the efficient tool to boost your earnings

Today e-commerce is widespread and no longer treated as unreliable and confusing. Initially  digital money was taken as self defeating, but after all has managed to prove its reliability and safety. As the years passed it became obvious that electronic money is not only secure but also a convenient and efficient payment solution. Thanks to e-money it became possible to perform worldwide money transfers just in few minutes as well as to pay online for purchases and services. Before digital cash people had to visit bank office every single time they wanted to perform a money transfer or other operation. It was always connected with wasting lots of time standing in lines and filling out many papers. And after all these steps, the transfer still might took days or even weeks to process.

Nowadays online payments and internet money transfers are processed instantly and take only couple of clicks.

Many companies that offer financial services in the internet have appeared. Whether it is a payment system, online exchanger, cryptocurrency or other service, everyone wants to attract clients. To interest users and make them involved in the service's development, they offer affiliate programs. Such practice have proved to be efficient and was taken positively by the audience as it was to the benefit of both sides. Clients participating in the program can get an additional income and services that offer the program increase their client base.

Become an OKchanger partner!

We are happy to introduce our affiliate program to our clients! It allows you to receive additional income in the form of referral bonus. The main advantage of such program is that you can collect referral bonus for a very long time, and do not even need to perform any transactions by yourself. To participate in the OKchanger affiliate program you only need to register on our website. Right after that the unique referral link will be available in your profile. You can use it to attract new clients to the service and they will automatically be registered as your referrals. Later you can get income from any operation that you referrals perform.