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Vircurex is a Beijing-based privately owned trading platform that was launched in October 2011.

Some of the trading features of Vircurex are Buy and Sell orders, Options, Loans, and more.

As an operator of numerous altcoins, along with Cryptsy, Vircurex has become a popular exchange for miners.

Deposits and withdrawals denominated in USD and EUR are carried out by payment system Liberty Reserve. CNY (Chinese Renminbi) along with AliPay were introduced shortly after the Chinese site translation had gone live. SEPA transfers will be eventually supported as well.

The interface is automated, therefore your transactions are immediately debited from or credited to your accounts.

Vircurex charges a 0.5% fee per every trade operation. If your account was created using a referral code, your fees will be reduced to 0.45% for 12 months starting at the time of the creation of your account.

All expenses and listings are denominated in USD in order to prevent currency fluctuations.

Securities issuers have the right to buy back shares at 25% above the 30-day average trading price. The issuers can not receive dividends within the next 12 months since the date when their listings were created.


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