The Rock Trading

The Rock Trading
Country Malta
Since 25.01.2011
Website URL Link
Pairs 14
Affiliate Program Yes
User Reviews 0 / 0 is the oldest veteran in the field of e-currency exchange markets. It first appeared in the market in 2007, changed it’s name in 2010 and created a subdivision, introducing bitcoins in 2011. It's still run by the same people, devoted to the promotion of the service, which means high quality. Currently, the following currencies are supported:

  • Namecoins;
  • Litecoins;
  • Peercoins;
  • Dogecoins;
  • Bitcoins;
  • XRP (Ripples).

The website's security is ensured by several partners: Jumio makes the verification process as quick as possible, and GreenAddress, which is considered to be the safest e-wallet, ensures the safety of all transactions using multisignature addresses and zero-confirmation Bitcoin deposits.

The fee system is designed to be convenient. It allows users to preview selling and buying operations, and fees, starting at 0,5% per transaction. Withdrawals are free, and there are also discounts for those who trade large amounts.

There in an affiliate program: you earn money by bringing other people into the system. In order to participate in the program, please contact the customer service.

As soon as you activate your profile, you can start selling or buying shares. A virtual stock exchange chart, indicating all market changes, is displayed on the website. There is also an informational graph, showcasing bids and asks for Bitcoin and Litecoin over periods of time (usually a week).


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    Current Rates

    A list of supported currency pairs and corresponding rates.

    Pair Rate Δ % Volume Δ V Spread
    BTC/EUR 843.8600 1.0372 403.5310 12.8659 3.7200
    BTC/USD 895.5600 0.6370 29.8250 -32.3593 3.0900
    LTC/EUR 3.6100 -1.1346 4.0832 -27.8010 0.0100
    ETH/BTC 0.0115 -0.6809 3.3932 -19.5712 0.0000
    LTC/BTC 0.0043 -1.9863 0.6206 -15.0207 0.0000
    USD/XRP 146.1700 -0.4456 0.5605 -67.3212 1.6600
    LTC/USD 3.8500 -0.9555 0.4573 -36.2803 0.0100
    ZEC/BTC 0.0490 -1.0872 0.3577 -19.3263 0.0003
    PPC/BTC 0.0003 1.2766 0.1066 4.2059 0.0000
    BTC/XRP 138699.9800 1.3505 0.0440 -95.1731 16377.2500
    EUR/XRP 152.9200 -1.6628 0.0000 0.0000 4.8700
    PPC/EUR 0.2800 1.0309 0.0000 0.0000 0.0200
    ETH/EUR 9.6300 0.5969 0.0000 0.0000 0.0500
    ZEC/EUR 40.9600 -0.7133 0.0000 0.0000 0.3100

    Trading Volume

    Distribution of the trading volume involving the supported currency pairs.

    Audience Geography

    Where are this site's visitors located?
    Visitors by Country
    Country Percent of Visitors Rank in Country
    Italy 15.2% 86984

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