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Since 17.09.2013
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Pairs 4
Affiliate Program Yes
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QuadrigaCX is a digital marketplace located in Vancouver, Canada. It was launched in 2013 and currently has a broad client base globally. This platform allows placing buy or sell orders to trade bitcoins and other currencies. QuadrigaCX trading supports 4 currency pairs. You can buy or sell bitcoins instantly at the market price, or place a buy/sell order and wait for it to be accepted If you want to buy or sell bitcoins at a more favorable price.

All funds in the QuadrigaCX system are 100% liquid, and can be withdrawn at any moment. Unlike many other trading platforms that often take weeks to process withdrawals, QuadrigaCX gets the job done within 24 hours.

This platform cares about the safety of its clients' accounts, and this is the reason why it keeps most funds in cold storage making it impossible for hackers to breach the system.

QuadrigaCX offers various options of balance replenishment and withdrawal of funds. Most of these options do not entail fees. There is an F.A.Q. section on the website and the QuadrigaCX support team is always available via phone or email.


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  • Disappointing customer service

    I had a terrible experience with Quadriga, and as of this posting have no idea where thousands of dollars are.


    By CanadianPsycho ( 99.243.144.* ) 2017-01-20 02:05 0 Comments Add a Comment

Current Rates

The list of supported currency pairs and corresponding rates.

Pair Rate Δ % Volume Δ V Spread
ETH/CAD 165.0000 -4.1450 569.1382 -0.2453 1.7700
BTC/CAD 5213.8100 -3.1880 75.0815 149.9302 68.4900
ETH/BTC 0.0317 -1.3190 14.2852 -62.6140 0.0006
BTC/USD 3900.0000 -5.0517 8.1680 124.7143 198.4500

Trading Volume

Distribution of the trading volume involving the supported currency pairs.


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