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Huobi supports two trading pairs, namely BTC/CNY and LTC/CNY. Huobi has significantly expanded the range of products over the latest few months. Some of them offers something absolutely different from the usual and relatively simple exchange services. Every single new product is aimed at increasing the diversity of operations and reducing the company's dependence on the Chinese market with its regulatory ambiguity. All of the new services are available in both English and Chinese languages.

Huobi added one more service similar to In order to use Huobi, the user has to agree to provide their name, email address and identification number. This is the only way to create an account. All information must be valid, complete and accurate.

In 2015 Huobi launched a service that allows its users to trade bitcoins for yuan, which can then be used to purchase stocks on the Shanghai Stock Exchange. This brand new platform, named Caimao, allows investors, disenchanted with the fall of the bitcoin, to use their crypto currency reserves to invest in the asset class, which has grown by 125% last year.

Huobi has become one of the most convenient platforms, and the entire country of China is now trading cryptocurrencies using it, creating crazy trading volumes and pushing the exchange rate up.


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  • Гавно биржа

    Гавно биржа, зависли бабки, хоть и с паспортом фоткался, не отдают...

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LTC/CNY 265.5000 -1.6055 120.6038 21.5831 0.5500
BTC/CNY 17199.9600 -3.8964 0.7908 15.0905 19.9600
BTC/USD 2340.3600 -2.2159 0.0006 69.2273 69.2700

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