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Since 14.02.1994
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Gemini is a fully regulated New York-based digital asset exchange available to individuals and institutions. The platform provides the highest possible level of account security. Finances are mostly kept in so-called cold storage wallets. Only a small portion of digital assets is held in online wallets. The cold wallets are protected by system-generated private passwords.

Customers are allowed to trade and exchange funds kept in their wallets. All accounts are secure with two-step authentication that makes the funds even safer. Two-factor authentication procedures can also be necessary for certain operations, e.g. withdrawals.

Gemini charges no fees on almost all transfers and offers reasonable limits for individuals and companies. Some transfer directions have no limits for organizations. Although, cryptocurrency trading is taxable.

Gemini doesn't have an affiliate program. The support team will be glad to help you if you have questions regarding the platform.


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    Current Rates

    The list of supported currency pairs and corresponding rates.

    Pair Rate Δ % Volume Δ V Spread
    ETH/USD 325.0200 3.4437 10253.4994 -12.6537 0.0200
    BTC/USD 2715.0200 0.9301 6040.8558 -27.7752 0.0100
    ETH/BTC 0.1197 2.2551 3119.2655 -25.5054 0.0003

    Trading Volume

    Distribution of the trading volume involving the supported currency pairs.

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