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DEX Trade
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Since 06.01.2016
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DEX-TRADE is a modern cryptocurrency trading platform that provides fast and reliable services.

The DEX platform is highly intuitive. Trading with DEX is easy and secure. Funds are safely stored in secure accounts.

DEX-TRADE values regular users and the DEX community above all else. This platform allows users to buy and sell cryptocurrencies and fiat money hassle-free.

There is a fee of 0.2% that users have to pay in order to get access to trading. DEX offers many ways of depositing and withdrawing money as well as a handy API that assists with trading. Trade deals come into effect immediately. There are no withdrawal or deposit fees.

DEX TRADE supports both fiat (USD, EUR, RUB) and crypto (BTC, ELC) currencies.

BTC/ELC deposits and withdrawals are processed in an automatic mode with a nominal fee.

USD/EUR/RUB deposits and withdrawals are also carried out in an automatic mode with a nominal fee. As of now, only two payment systems are supported by DEX: Perfect Money and Payeer.


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