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Bitcoin-exchanger BTCChina is located in Shanghai and specializes in transactions in the Chinese yuan. It is one of the most widely used trading platforms in terms of trading volume. In the fall of 2014, 48% of all transactions in the world were processed by this exchanger. BTCChina was founded in 2011 and three years later became a Bitcoin-based platform that allowed visitors to buy digital currencies.

In 2013, a Stanford graduate Bobby Lee joined the staff. He managed to raise 5 million dollars with the help of the Lightspeed China Partners fund and Lightspeed Ventures. The investments allowed BTCChina to outperform such major players as Bitstamp and MtGox in just a few months.

BTCChina supports 3 currency pairs and allows deposits and withdrawals in USD, CNY, and HKD. The exchanger allows the user to participate in all aspects of its e-currency life. Account replenishment is possible via bank transfers.

In order to start trading on BTCChina, you'll have to verify your phone number and provide your real name, ID card and other information required in accordance with the Chinese laws and regulations. Right now the exchanger supports the following currency pairs: bitcoins into yuans, lightcoins into yuans, and bitcoins into lightcoins. Deposits in US dollar, Hong Kong dollar, and Chinese yuans became available in July 2014.


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    Pair Rate Δ % Volume Δ V Spread
    LTC/BTC 0.0147 -1.4085 576.5900 -66.2601 0.0010
    LTC/CNY 265.5500 -0.7342 4.1342 -3.9097 2.4500
    BTC/CNY 17200.0400 -3.2591 0.8342 12.5711 59.9700

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    Hong Kong SAR 53% 21348

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