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Since 22.07.2019
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BKSb exchange, founded in Singapore in July 2019, is a one-stop blockchain service platform developed and operated by a group of international professionals. In the future, it will launch branch offices in the USA, Bulgaria, Korea, etc. BKSbex has the world's most professional technical R&D team and operation management team. The core team members are from top technology companies in Germany, Russia, Ukraine, China and Taiwan.   We formulate the comprehensive security policy system with the top-level risk control and anti-fraud analysis. We use bank-level user data encryption, multilevel risk identification control, multiple security defenses, to protect your funds. There are four digital currencies available for matching: ETH, BTC, BKS and USDT. Our vision is to derive the world to a better financial system, providing solutions to tackle current traditional financial problems related to digital assets.


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