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Bittylicious provides services to those who have UK bank accounts and enables them to quickly purchase 12 cryptocurrencies. It is a peer-to-peer trading platform that matches buyers and sellers through an online interface. It is really fast since it uses the UK's fast inter-bank transfer protocol.

Bittylicious offers online-only transactions and requires KYC verification to raise purchasing limits.

Bittylicious' escrow services make sure that buyers and sellers receive what they are supposed to receive. Manual authorization is required every step of the way. These measures eliminate virtually all risks.

Non-verified accounts are unable to purchase more than 0.09 BTC. Limits are raised upon verification.

The Bittylicious website features a user-friendly interface. If you need to buy, type in your wallet number and email address in the right fields. Select how many bitcoins you'd like to purchase and choose your payment method. The total available amount of currency is displayed below the "buy" button. Five different payment options are available: bank transfer, 3D-enabled credit or debit card, Paym (UK mobile payment option), Barclay's Pingit, and RBS/Natwest PYC (Pay Your Contact).

Brokers are rewarded for their service through buy/sell spreads that can reach 30 pounds. Bittylicious continuously adds new brokers believing that the competition will naturally reduce the spread between buy and sell.

Bittylicious charges sellers a low unspecified fee for having access to the platform, whereas buyers don't pay any fees whatsoever.


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