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BitFlyer came online in January 2014. Shortly after the launch, bitFlyer started an investment fund (Blockchain Angel Fund) whose purpose was to support startups that used the blockchain technology.

In an interview with CoinDesk, the founder of bitFlyer, former Goldman Sachs derivatives trader Yuzo Kano, said that bitFlyer was one of the few fintech companies in Japan that met the needs of bitcoin traders as well as blockchain-related projects.

BitFlyer is a Bitcoin exchange and marketplace that provides convenient and enjoyable ways to buy, sell, and spend Bitcoins. Crowdfunding platform fundFlyer is a place where you can promote your favorite projects and initiatives, all while raising funds in Bitcoin. BitFlyer aims to popularize Bitcoin in and beyond Japan, making the process of buying, sending and spending bitcoins as smooth as possible.

One of bitFlyer's main goals is to do away with the negative association between the bitcoin industry and Japan. It is well-known, that Japan's reputation has been badly hit due to the fall of Mt. Gox, and bitFlyer is trying to prove that business can thrive in Japan.

2015 was a successful year for bitFlyer. In that year, the platform attracted 5 million dollars in investments, and, in addition to that, Venture Labo, Mitsubishi UFJ, and Dentsu Digital Holdings decided to invest in bitFlyer.


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