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Since 22.10.2013
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BitBays was founded in October 2013. It aims to provide investors with safe, transparent and convenient cryptocurrency exchange services.

BitBays has 2 research and development centers in Silicon Valley and Beijing, as well as a number of operational centers located in London, Hong Kong, Beijing, Australia, and Canada. This is what global coverage is.

BitBays' team is comprised of people from various backgrounds: internet, finance, venture capital, management consulting, security, IT, international trade; and countries: the US, the UK, and Japan. BitBays' CEO has more than 10 years of experience in the fields of investment, finance, and internet technologies.

BitBays allows users to trade BTC, LSK, and other currencies as well as exchange them.

All data is cryptographically encrypted with the most advanced cryptographic tools to date. BitBays operates in an autonomous network in such a way that policy changes implemented by countries cannot disrupt BitBays' activity.

Multiple login failures, unknown IP addresses attempting to log into an account, and other unusual events are monitored, logged, and investigated.

BitBays' Arbitrage Fund (BBAF) is connected to all major exchanges and generates income by purchasing Bitcoins in lower priced markets and selling them in higher priced markets. The fund allows users to earn additional money.


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    Current Rates

    The list of supported currency pairs and corresponding rates.

    Pair Rate Δ % Volume Δ V Spread
    LSK/BTC 0.0010 -4.0755 39370.7857 8.2545 0.0000
    BTC/USD 2383.5000 -2.7797 0.1608 8.0519 0.2200
    BTC/CNY 17243.9700 -2.7278 0.0272 9.0341 7.0300
    ODS/BTC 0.0005 0.0000 0.0000 0.0000 0.0000
    LSK/CNY 16.5700 -7.1514 0.0000 0.0000 0.0200

    Trading Volume

    Distribution of the trading volume involving the supported currency pairs.

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