Advertising Terms and Conditions

Applicability of Terms

The following advertising terms shall apply to all online Advertisements that are submitted to OKchanger, and which OKchanger accepts for publication.

Advertisement and content requirements

All Customers wishing to place an advertisement on OKchanger website must ensure the compliance of the submitted ads with international laws. All advertisements will be reviewed and must be approved by OKchanger before being published. OKchanger reserves the right to deny advertisement placement to any Customer for any reason.

To be approved and accepted an advertisement must meet the requirements of OKchanger. The requirements shall include, but not be limited to size, format, color scheme, image quality, the file size of the advertisement submitted.

Should the advertisement contain irrelevant information, misleading content, information that is forbidden by any of international laws, it will be rejected and will not be published.

Payment Terms

The Customer must pay the cost of advertisement placement before the ad is published. The cost is varies depending on the type of the advertisement and the time it will be published on the website. The cost is discussed and agreed upon with the Customer before the ad is submitted.

Cancellation policy

The Customer has the right to cancel the order on advertisement placement. The cost will be refunded only in case the cancellation had been made before the advertisement was published on the website.

Should the Customer wish to cancel the ad placement after it was published, the advertisement will be removed from the website uncompensated.

OKchanger reserves the right to cancel advertisement publication in case OKchanger has reasons to suppose the Customer or their service is connected with a scam or illegal activities. In such a case the advertisement will be removed from the website, without any cost being refunded.

Limitation on Liability, Disputes

In no event shall OKchanger be liable to the Customer for any direct, indirect, incidental, special, punitive, or consequential damages whatsoever relating to the Advertisement.