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Sofort is an online banking system launched in 2005. Currently, Sofort is available in most European countries including Great Britain, Germany, France, Spain, Italy, Switzerland, Poland and more.

The system was designed to help users all over the world make direct payments through online banking. It is easy and convenient to use as it doesn't require having a Sofort bank account. You can use any of your bank accounts you already have. There are many online shops that recognize Sofort as a payment method. Every transaction is highly secure and carried out immediately. For the sake of its clients, the service uses sophisticated data encryption methods and one-time passwords. Sofort doesn't store any confidential information.

Sofort is available on PCs, tablets and mobile devices making online banking even more accessible. You can make online purchases and payments with just a few clicks. Sofort is supported by more than 35000 merchants around the world and has processed more than 150 million successful transactions so far.

For the above-mentioned reasons, Sofort is considered to be an efficient payment solution for those who value fast, secure and easy payments.


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