Country Russia
Since 10.05.1992
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Mosoblbank has been created more than twenty years ago. Today it represents a stable and secure financial institution that provides a large variety of banking services. During the past decades, Mosoblbank has proved to be a reliable and ever-evolving corporation. The bank always keeps up with the times and offers new features and services to make the banking experience even more convenient and efficient. Mosoblbank has been mentioned by different reputable financial magazines as one of the best banks in Russia.

The bank offers an online banking feature that allows clients to get access to their accounts and perform operations whenever and wherever they want. To use internet banking you only need to have an account in Mosoblbank and internet access. Clients can pay for goods and services, transfer money and view all the information on their account and transactions. Online banking works very fast and saves your money significantly.

There is no need to worry about the safeness of your funds as the online banking system is protected with encryption methods and SSL certificates.


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