Symbol ZEC
Established 28.10.2016
Website URL Link
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Founder zcash
Algorithm Equihash
Protocol POW
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Zcash is a relatively young cryptocurrency that offers new features and uses new technologies. The currency was developed by the team that cares about the safeness of users' personal data and funds. This digital currency is able to provide confidential and secure money transfers around the world while keeping all the information about transaction visible only to the users who possess the special view key. Unlike many other cryptocurrencies, including bitcoin, Zcash will hide all the information about the transaction from any third person. However, the owner of the view key can pass it to other users thus allowing them to get the details about the transaction.

Zcash is open source cryptocurrency that offers instant money transfers without any central authority and high fees. Behind the currency is the team of professional developers who make every effort to ensure the security of your finances and transactions. The currency is highly encrypted and protected from hackers attacks.

Zcash uses Proof of Work system to generate new coins. Users can download all the required software on the currency official website. However, since the currency has appeared recently, software is still in the phase of beta testing.


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