Symbol YBC
Established 13.11.2013
Website URL Link
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Founder Chinees
Algorithm Scrypt-jane
Protocol POW/POS
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YBCoin was founded by a group of enthusiasts and supporters of Bitcoin. Due to Bitcoin’s imperfections, they decided to develop an open, fair and transparent digital currency for everyone. YBCoin is an essential part of Taiji Personal Digital Bank System.

YB is short for YuanBao. Yuanbao is a traditional Chinese system of measuring gold and silver. It symbolizes great fortune and prosperity.

YBCoin uses the advanced POW+POS hybrid mining mechanism which effectively controls inflation rates and prevents loss of capital, therefore stabilizes the system. This mechanism is highly praised by the Chinese digital currency community. Judging by the coin price and reputation, YBCoin is one of the top Chinese digital currencies.

There are three million YBCoins in circulation. New coins are not being created, except for the annual 1% POS interest.

The YBC community now has more than 100,000 users, and it is still growing. Boasting a $3,000,000+ market cap, strong infrastructure, and stable growth, it is clear that YBCoin is a top player in the digital currency market.


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