Symbol XAUR (XAU)
Established 28.02.2015
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Founder nihilnegativum
Algorithm Transaction fee
Protocol Smart Contracts (POS)
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Xaurum is a decentralized digital currency that resembles modern fiat money in a way. Every Xaurum coin in circulation is backed by a certain amount of gold. Xaurum's mechanism of coin creation counters both runaway inflation and deflation.

Xaurum enters circulation either through mining or minting. The cooperative coinage method was designed to decentralize Xaurum as higher amounts of Xaurum don't give any advantages. Once a node acquires 1000 Xaurum and establishes a mint, there is no marginal benefit to acquiring new Xaurum.

On July 18, 2016, Xaurum entered its second phase of development. One old Xaurum split into 8000 new Xaurum, thus the coin supply was dramatically increased. Moreover, the system made a transition from the old Proof of Stake protocol to Ethereum Smart Contracts which prompted a change in Xaurum's currency code from XAU to XAUR.

Xaurum aims to be a better form of money in terms of value storage, systemic functions such as distributive seignorage, elasticity of money supply and profitability of inflation. Xaurum can always be "melted", in other words, exchanged for its base value in gold.

Initially, one Xaurum was equal to 1 gram of gold, but its value has increased since then and it is now 2.26 grams. Xaurum Commonwealth (Xaurum reserves), has gone up to the current 17 kg from 1 kg. Xaurum's price has increased from 50 USD a piece to 530 USD, and its market cap grew from 88 000 USD to 3 866 000 USD, making Xaurum one of the top 30 cryptocurrencies of today.


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