Symbol WAVES
Established 01.06.2016
Website URL Link
Block explorer Link
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Founder sasha35625
Algorithm Transaction fee
Protocol POS
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Waves came online on June 12, 2016. This currency is widely used on the Waves online platform. The platform was designed to incorporate the "decentralizedness" of cryptocurrencies that use the blockchain technology and the reliability of fiat money achieved through user verification. Identity verification is necessary to prevent money laundering and unauthorized access to accounts.

Waves tokens are used for deal making and goods and services payments. These tokens can be fiat money, cryptocurrencies, gold and other precious metals, company stocks, physical or intellectual property.

Waves is mostly used to pay fees within the platform. However, if customers don't have enough Waves in their account, they can choose another currency to get the job done.

The Waves platform supports multi-currency wallets that can store fiat and cryptocurrencies alike. Users can easily withdraw their funds from Waves to their bank accounts in no time.

Users can also use an encrypted chat to communicate with one another.


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