Symbol VOX
Established 26.10.2015
Website URL Link
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Founder jimblasko
Algorithm Scrypt
Protocol POW
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Voxelus is a Virtual Reality platform which allows users to create a virtual reality world/space/game without the need to code things. The ecosystem uses an in-game cryptocurrency known as Voxels (VOX) where all purchases and sales of virtual reality product are made using this coin. In the ecosystem, players can buy and sell VR content from other designers in the world through the Voxelus Marketplace by only using Voxels.

Voxelus conducted a private pre-sale where 1.200.000 VOX coins were sold to private individuals. After that, a public pre-sale was carried out where 30.3 million VOX coins were sold via ShapeShift. The remaining 85% of VOX coins are going to be on the market within the next 20 years.

What’s so unique about this cryptocurrency is that it is backed by gaming assets. It is built on a litecoin-fork, with key, specific and custom modifications for enhanced security. Voxels is the only form of value that is accepted on the VR platform.

There is an option of getting an Uphold VOX Card, that gives Uphold members an ability to buy Voxel coins with bitcoins, via bank transfer or with a debit or credit card. Since VOX is powered by Uphold, it is liquid, convertible, transferable and spendable as an in-game currency.


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