Symbol VTC
Established 08.01.2014
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Founder vertoe
Algorithm Lyra2RE
Protocol POW
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VertCoin is a cryptocurrency that has the advantages of its predecessors and none of their disadvantages. Shortly after the launches of Bitcoin and Litecoin, users lost the ability to get coins through mining. The reason why this happened was due to the emergence of major data centers that pretty much monopolized BTC and LTC mining.

VertCoin wants to change this. Thanks to the "Adaptive N-factor" technology, this currency can be mined by regular users and not by data centers. VertCoin is always one step ahead of them due to the fact that it continuously raises the amount of memory required to compute hashing.

This cryptocurrency uses the Lyra2RE algorithm and the Proof of Work protocol. The block time is two and a half minutes and the block reward is 50 coins.

VertCoin is fully decentralized and anonymous. VertCoin wallets are available on Windows, Mac OS X, iOS and Android, as well as a web-based wallet.

The developers are constantly improving the cryptocurrency, and the growing VertCoin community is always ready to help and answer all questions on the official forum.


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