Symbol VRC
Established 09.05.2014
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Founder effectsToCause
Algorithm Scrypt
Protocol PoST
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VeriCoin is a cryptocurrency that combines many innovative features and makes the process of using digital currencies as comfortable as never before. Launched in 2014, VeriCoin has been rapidly gaining popularity worldwide. This cryptocurrency is based on the Scrypt algorithm and uses its own self-invented Proof of Stake Time coin generation system that boosts VeriCoin's security and significantly cuts the transaction time.

VeriCoins can be obtained in several ways. Users can mine them, buy on online exchangers or get as a reward for keeping their account balance in the positive range. This reward varies between 2% and 10% of the account balance.

Verisend, an additional security mechanism, is there to hide your personal data from fraudsters and unwanted third-parties. Paying with VeriCoin has become very easy since it accepted as widely as Bitcoin. This significantly expands VeriCoin's areas of application.

VeriCoin wallets are available on Windows, Mac OS X, Linux and Android.

This cryptocurrency offers high-speed transactions all over the world, high security and absolute anonymity to its users.


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