Symbol UNC
Established 27.12.2014
Website URL Link
Block explorer Link
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Founder unnn
Algorithm X11
Protocol POW/POS
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UNcoin came into existence in 2014. This currency was created to support and sponsor various UN-NGOs projects and help people around the world. UNcoin supports the proof of stake and proof of work protocols. The POS interest is 2% annually. The block time is one minute and the difficulty is retargeted at each block creation.

This currency uses the X11 hashing algorithm that provides the highest level of security imaginable. Since UNcoin is a completely decentralized currency and all transactions are processed without middlemen, you can make easy and secure international money transfers without putting your privacy at risk. The fees are extremely low.

Since its launch, this digital currency has managed to bring together a massive international community.

To get started you will have to download and install the wallet software. UNcoin wallets are available on Windows and Android platforms.

You can always find information about UNcoin on UNcoin’s forum. You can send an e-mail to the support service If you have any questions.


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