Swis Coin

Swis Coin
Symbol SCN
Established 03.02.2016
Website URL Link
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Algorithm Scrypt
Protocol POS
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Swis Coin has been on the market for almost a year by now. The cryptocurrency has appeared in the beginning of 2016. It is based on the open source and uses the Scrypt algorithm. Like any other cryptocurrency, Swis Coins allows users to perform instant money transfers all over the world almost free of charge.

The coins use PoS generating system, which means that the more coins you have, the more reward you will get. The team of Swis Coin has developed its own wallet software that is not only very easy and convenient to use but also has a strong protection from scammers and hackers.

This cryptocurrency has managed to attract many users from different countries. Anyone can create an account with Swis Coin absolutely free of charge. To get the access to the open source you will have to activate your account. The cryptocurrency offers various levels of paid activation each of which has its own benefits. However, there is no free activation. To be able to mine the currency you will have to upgrade your account status, which is also a paid procedure.

Swis Coin uses up to date encryption technologies to protect your personal data and finances. The currency keeps on developing and improving its services.


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