Symbol STEEM
Established 24.03.2016
Website URL Link
Block explorer Link
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Founder steemit
Algorithm SHA-256
Protocol POW
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Steemit is a recently appeared cryptocurrency that is used on the Steem platform. The platform is a new social network where people can create, post and share various content as well as check out other people's work.

Unlike the regular "like", "share" or similar actions that we are used to when it comes to social media, Steem allows users to reward content creators by sending them some Steemit coins in an instant. The platform is rapidly gaining popularity and its audience is growing fast. Steemit tokens can be easily exchanged for fiat currencies.

Steemit coins can be earned as a reward for useful posts, for using the platform for a long time, for contributions to the development of the platform, for having coins in your account, through the mining mechanism and by doing other things.

Steemit uses the SHA-256 algorithm and the proof-of-work generating system.


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