Symbol XST
Established 08.07.2014
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Founder StealthDevs
Algorithm X13
Protocol POW/POS
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Several years ago, cryptocurrencies used to be an absolutely new and innovative way to make money transfers and payments. Currently, digital currencies are a widespread phenomenon and there are lots of them. Every digital currency offers some unique features to attract users. Stealthcoin’s focus is one of the most important aspects of every cryptocurrency - privacy.

Stealthcoin aims to provide absolute privacy with the help of cutting edge technologies. This currency uses the Tor technology as a network traffic protection mechanism. This mechanism makes your transactions completely untraceable. Besides that, Stealthcoin introduced its own invention - Stealth text. It allows Stealthcoin users to transfer coins via SMS messages and remain 100% anonymous.

Stealthcoin uses the X13 algorithm. The PoW protocol was used to generate only the first 5459 blocks, and after that, the system made a transition to the PoS protocol. PoS makes sure that the currency is working properly and safely, lowering the energy consumption in the meantime. The current PoS interest is 20% annually.

Stealthcoin wallet is available on Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux. You can always make easy and private money transfers and payments as well as exchange Stealthcoins for bitcoins on online exchangers.


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