Symbol SPRTS
Established 29.06.2015
Website URL Link
Block explorer Link
Off. announcement​ Link
Founder MrEggman
Algorithm SHA-256
Protocol POW/POS
Reviews 0 / 0

Sprouts came online on June 29, 2015. The creator of this digital currency remains unknown, but its developer is believed to be Bitcointalk user MrEggman. The name of this currency reflects its “green” essence. The process of Sprouts mining consumes less energy than other cryptocurrencies.

Sprouts is based on bitcoin's open source. It combines the PoW and PoS minting systems. A 5% reward for coin keeping is given every 5 days.

Sprouts’ open source is available to all internet users. You can easily find and access various documentation about the currency and join the Sprouts forum to engage with the growing community.

Sprouts uses the SHA256D hashing algorithm. The total number of coins is unlimited.

There are lots of users of other cryptocurrencies who back Sprouts because they want to help the Chinese people start using and producing cryptocurrencies so that they would gain financial freedom they need.

This cryptocurrency provides a high level of security and guarantees that every transaction is 100% anonymous.


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