Symbol SAK
Established 20.05.2014
Website URL Link
Block explorer Link
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Founder SAKTeam
Algorithm base Quark
Protocol POW
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SharkCoin is an anti-scam cryptocurrency that was based on the bitcoin open source. It appeared back in 2014. According to, SharkCoin has two meanings. The first is that SharkCoin's creators are sharks and the other is that they are there to hunt fraudsters.

SharkCoin is a more convenient and fast payment method. It takes only 20 seconds to confirm transactions, which is a lot shorter than Bitcoin's 10 minutes.The difficulty retargets after every 240 blocks. This cryptocurrency uses the proof-of-work protocol.

SharkCoin is highly secure and offers anonymity to its customers. SharkCoin wallets are available for Windows and Ubuntu.

The total number of SharkCoins that are ever going to be generated is limited to 400 billion SAK.


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