Symbol RDD
Established 20.01.2014
Website URL Link
Block explorer Link
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Founder ReddCoin
Algorithm Scrypt
Protocol POSV
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RedCoin was launched on January 20, 2014. This absolutely new cryptocurrency was meant to attract a wider audience than any other previous cryptocurrency. To achieve this goal, ReddCoin focused efforts on users of social networks. Currently, the number of people who use various social networks is huge. ReddCoin decided to make those people their target audience and give them an opportunity to make easy, fast and safe transactions online just with a few clicks.

ReddCoin allows you to go beyond the common "Like", "Favorite", "Share" and similar buttons and reward content creators by sending them some ReddCoins. Tipping on social networks is easy and absolutely free. There are no fees for senders and recipients. By sending ReddCoin denominated donations to content creators you encourage them to keep going and creating high-quality content.

ReddCoin is a highly recognized and popular cryptocurrency. Unlike many other digital currencies that use mining for generating new coins, ReddCoin employs minting which consumes much less power and is available to anyone, regardless of their technical skills. You can start minting on your PC, tablet or smartphone.

ReddCoin wallet is available on Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux. This digital currency guarantees fast, convenient and anonymous payments and money transfers.


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