Symbol XPM
Established 07.06.2013
Website URL Link
Block explorer Link
Off. announcement​ Link
Founder Sunny King
Algorithm CPU mining, Cunningham
Protocol POW
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Primecoin is another cryptocurrency that came online back in 2013. Like many other digital currencies, Primecoin is based on Bitcoin's open source. However, Primecoin introduced the new proof-of-work protocol that not only ensures the system’s security and supports the minting process but also generates pseudoprime numbers that are used for confirmation and pose an interest to mathematicians.

There are many different articles and guides on Primecoin's website that can help you get started and explain how mining works. Primecoin wallet is available on Windows and Linux.

The total number of Primecoins is unlimited. Coins can easily be traded on many exchange markets online. Currently, the price is approximately 0,07$ for one Primecoin.

The system is highly secure thanks to its up-to-date encryption methods. Primecoin is able to generate blocks up to ten times faster than Bitcoin, resulting in faster transaction confirmation. Primecoin uses a new way of coin generation per block. This figure is calculated according to the following formula: 999 is divided by block difficulty squared.


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