Symbol OK
Established 24.11.2014
Website URL Link
Block explorer Link
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Founder okcashpro
Algorithm Scrypt
Protocol POW/POS
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OKcash has appeared in the late 2014 and instantly won the recognition of many internet users. The creators of this digital currency wanted to unite all the advantages that cryptocurrencies offer and cut off the weak points.

OKcash is able to process almost instant transactions across the world. Using this currency to send or receive money users benefit from not paying high fees to the banks. The network is secured with the sophisticated encryption and guarantees the safeness of your finances and personal data.

It is very convenient and easy to work with OKcash! You only need to download and install the wallet software. Moreover, users can send coins via Reddit and/or Twitter Tip bots. There are many ways to get the coins. You can buy them on different exchangers online, mine for them, or get as a reward for keeping a positive balance of your wallet.

The creators of this digital currency keep on developing and improving it, and the client base is constantly growing. If you want to make fast, cheap and secure money transfers, than OKcash is the currency for you!


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