Symbol NBT
Established 20.09.2014
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Founder Jordan Lee
Algorithm Transaction fee
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NuBits was launched in 2014. This new cryptocurrency brought many innovations into the electronic commerce domain. The idea behind NuBits was to create the most stable cryptocurrency that can provide as many options as no other.

With NuBits, you can buy goods and pay for various services online and offline. It is easy and secure. You don’t even have to calculate how many NuBits you get during exchange since 1 NuBits equals 1 USD.

If you own an online shop, you should think about integrating NuBits into your website. This might draw new customers since they would love to make instant and secure payments. It is convenient to you too since it allows you to easily withdraw your hard earned money.

NuBits can reach any recipient in the world almost instantly. The fees are extremely low. It is no longer necessary to pay expensive fees and wait until your transfer is complete.

Saving money with NuBits is easy and secure. Wallets are free to use, no documents are required to start using NuBits; up-to-date technologies make it impossible for anyone to access your wallet without your permission.

NuBits wallet is available on Windows, Mac OS X and Linux.


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