Symbol NAV
Established 06.06.2014
Website URL Link
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Founder SUM2dev
Algorithm X13
Protocol POW/POS
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Navajo was created in 2014. Bitcoin's open source was used as the basis for this cryptocurrency, on top of which Navajo's developers added some more functionality.

This cryptocurrency allows users to make instant and secure transfers around the world without any central authority overseeing the process.

The blockchain technology allows users to send and receive payments while remaining anonymous. That is accomplished through double encryption of information on network servers.

Those users, who assist with transaction verification using their hardware, get Navajo coins as a reward.

Navajo coins can be traded on numerous online exchangers, so it is always easy to buy or sell this currency.

Navajo wallets are available on Windows, Linux, and Android.

Navajo uses the X13 algorithm and the POW and POS coin generation protocols.

Due to Navajo's fast speeds and ease of use, this cryptocurrency takes digital money to another level.


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