Symbol NAUT
Established 01.05.2014
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Founder nautiluscoin
Algorithm Scrypt
Protocol Asset
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Nautiluscoin was designed as a next generation digital currency and a free payment network. Nautiluscoin’s goal is to establish digital currencies as an investable asset class.

Bitcoin's volatility and slow transaction speed may be painful for some people, and this is where NAUT aims to succeed. NautilusCoin has an average time of 60 seconds for each block to be solved. Nautiluscoin speeds up transaction time and reduces volatility making it an ideal global digital currency.

Nautiluscoin uses DigiShield, an innovative anti-multipool mechanism. Multipool is a mining method that is used to mine coins at a very low difficulty in relation to their net pool hash. This allows many coins to be quickly and easily mined before the difficulty increases. Once the difficulty increases, the multipool miners dump the coins on the market and go away, and, as the result, the righteous miners are left with a very high difficulty and very few new minable coins. This causes a drop in price and frustration among the committed community members & miners. DigiShield protects the system against multipool mining and ensures greater confidence in the coin.

Nautiluscoin's Stabilization Fund (NSF) is aimed at maintaining a stable growth pattern. It reduces price volatility while ensuring stable price formation.

During periods of rapid growth, the NSF pays lower interests, and when the growth slows, it pays higher interests. Transaction fees are used to purchase gold, allowing Nautiluscoin to be even more stable over time. This strategy is aimed at volatility reduction.

The town of Agistri, Greece (population 1142), agreed to test Nautiluscoin as its official currency to keep the economy afloat. This fact has significantly increased Nautiluscoin’s value since its launch.


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