Symbol MEC
Established 29.05.2013
Website URL Link
Block explorer Link
Off. announcement​ Link
Founder Dr. Kimoto Chan
Algorithm Scrypt
Protocol POW
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On May 29, 2013, Dr. Kimoto Chan announced the launch of Megacoin. This digital currency was inspired by Zerocoin, and just like many other cryptocurrencies, Megacoin isn’t based anywhere, but is widespread globally and supported by its users.

It is very easy to get started and find the information you need. The Megacoin website contains many articles and guides to help new users. Moreover, the website supports seventeen languages.

The total amount of Megacoins that will ever exist is 42 million MEC. This number was chosen specifically to prevent inflation. Users can receive some coins on faucet websites, through mining and buying.

There is a great number of companies and merchants that accept Megacoins for their goods and services. With MEC you can pay for groceries, buy electronics and games, buy hardware and more.

All you have to do to begin using Megacoin is to download and install wallet software. The coins are completely secured and anonymous.


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