Symbol MTC
Established 15.01.2014
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Founder marinecoin
Algorithm Scrypt
Protocol POW
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Marinecoin abides by the trade laws of the offshore International Seawaters and the unclaimed lands of Antarctica. It vows to turn its digital financial resources into a physical paradise.

Marinecoin is a truly global, usable and stable cryptocurrency since it is not crippled by regulatory roadblocks. It aims to set regular users and merchants free from negative side effects of exchanges and other uncertainties caused by governments.

Marinecoin's ecosystem is strong and it can protect itself against any external forces that may try to harm it. Marinecoin is here to end the BTC/ALT exchange vicious circle that is going nowhere, a cycle that people can't get out of due to the lack of alternative options.

Because of human nature and external factors, a truly decentralized non-inflationary cryptocurrency is a utopia. This is why Marinecoin is not really a decentralized non-inflationary cryptocurrency. A certain amount of inflation enters the Marinecoin cycle at the right moment without distorting its value. This minimal inflation is the cost of securing and protecting the interests of its investors and everyday users, price stability, and maintaining its presence in the global arena.


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