Symbol LBC
Established 23.06.2016
Website URL Link
Block explorer Link
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Founder lbryio
Algorithm LBRY
Protocol POW
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lbryCoin is a new cryptocurrency that is used on the lbry platform. The platform is an open market for digital products with no regulating authority. The platform is fully governed by its users.

With lbry, people can create and share their digital content such as music, films, artwork, and so on. While uploading the content, users can choose whether to charge fees for access to their content.

Other platform users can support content creators by donating some lbryCoins to them. There are other ways of getting lbryCoins as well. Users can mine them using their hardware or they can buy lbryCoins on e-currency exchangers and trading platforms.

lbryCoin wallets are currently available on Windows, MacOS and Ubuntu. lbryCoin uses the proof-of-work protocol, and the total number of coins is limited to one billion LBC. This cryptocurrency guarantees that your coins are safe and offers absolute anonymity of your personal data.


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