Symbol KR
Established 18.02.2016
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Founder Stephanie Kent
Algorithm Dagger-Hashimoto
Protocol POW
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Krypton is an Ethereum-based cryptocurrency. Krypton was planned with a smaller initial token release, lower inflation (1 coin per minute is created through proof-of-work) and a faster speed (15-second blocktime) than Ethereum. Krypton's mission is to offer inalterable smart contracts that can’t be tampered with by political forces.

It was launched February 18, 2016, when Smart Contracts, DAOs, DACs and DApps were getting increasingly more attention.

A Smart Contract is a piece of code within a DAPP that can run forever unless it was programmed to self-destruct. Smart Contracts use pre-written instructions to execute preselected actions without any further input.

DAO is an acronym for a Decentralized Autonomous Organization. DAO allows people to invest money in exchange for decision-making rights. Smart contracts act on behalf of the group.

DAC is an acronym for a Distributed Autonomous Corporation. Basically, DAC is a subclass of DAO. Shares in a DAC are purchasable and tradable to some extent, and those shares potentially entitle their holders to dividends based on the DAC’s performance.

A DAPP is a Decentralized Application. Decentralized applications have a lot in common with smart contracts, but have two differences: decentralized applications have unlimited numbers of participants and they are not necessarily financial.

Ethereum is the perfect playground for skilled developers, but a 700% spike in its value has made Solidity, one of Ethereum's programming languages, a lot less affordable. This is when Krypton comes in handy: price.

According to Stephanie Kent (aka Covertress), the creator of Krypton, KR can bridge the gap between supply and demand, between companies looking for blockchain and smart contract opportunities and developers looking for work in this field.

Krypton aims to create a more secure platform by constructing the Krypton virtual machine (KVM) in a language that is “more secure than Golang” and a native contract programming language other than Ethereum’s Solidity.


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