Symbol JBS
Established 01.09.2014
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Founder jyap
Algorithm SHA-256, Scrypt, X11
Protocol POW/POS
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Jumbucks (JBS), previously known as CoinmarketsCoin (renamed on October 23, 2014) is a cryptocurrency for everyone. Jumbucks is not just an experiment, but something that all cryptocurrencies should strive for.

Jumbucks experienced one of the most spectacular launches and largest coin distributions that had ever happened in the altcoin industry. With a record number of first-time miners, a public developer, and no premine or IPO, CoinMarketCoin immediately grabbed the attention of the most avid crypto enthusiasts.

Today, altcoins without some form of Proof of Developer rating are a rarity. Jumbucks is no exception: it went through CryptoAsian’s Proof of Developer certification and received a 5+ POD rating.

Since Jumbucks is a fork of ShadowCash (ShadowCoin), it offers a number of handy features. One of those features is P2P encrypted messaging that allows users to send messages to each other through their clients, eliminating the need for third-party software such as ICQ or Skype.

Another amazing feature is dual-key Stealth Addresses. Stealth Address is a one-time address that you can receive a transaction on. Stealth Address is not linked to your main JBS address, giving you another layer of anonymity and privacy.

Three mining algorithms are currently supported: SHA-256, Scrypt and X11.

Yet another cool feature is Jumbucks Twitter tip bot. Tip bots are an excellent way to tell the world about your altcoin, as well as reward users with some coins for social interaction.


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