Symbol GCR
Established 28.06.2015
Website URL Link
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Founder gcrgcr
Algorithm Scrypt
Protocol POS
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GlobalCurrencyReserve, or GCRCoins, came online in 2015. Initially, this cryptocurrency used the proof of work protocol but switched to proof of stake later on. Users get a 5% yearly interest on their accounts if their wallets participate in transaction verification carried out by the system.

The block time is just 90 seconds, resulting in very short transaction confirmation times. The block difficulty is retargeted each block. GlobalCurrencyReserve's areas of application are continuously expanding with more and more businesses and merchants all over the world are starting to accept GCRCoins as a payment method.

If you are a business owner, you can integrate GCRCoins into your online service in order to start receiving payments denominated in this currency. As the user base of this currency is growing, such integration could bring new customers to your service.

GCRCoins uses the Scrypt algorithm and allows for fast, easy and completely secure payments. User anonymity is guaranteed since no personal data is ever publicly shown.


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