Symbol GAME
Established 14.02.2014
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Founder Dr.Bob
Algorithm Scrypt
Protocol POW
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Gamecredits appeared in 2014. That was the first cryptocurrency created for gamers and game developers. The developers wanted to create a universal cryptocurrency that could be used as an in-game currency as well as a payment method in online stores. Since Gamecredits' target audience is very large and is spread all over the world, the currency started to rapidly gain popularity right after its launch.

Gamecredits allows users to transfer money to any recipient in the world in a fast, secure and cost-effective way. It is very easy to buy or sell this cryptocurrency because it can be effortlessly exchanged for fiat money. Gamecredits wallets are available on the most widely used platforms, including Windows, Mac OS X, Linux, Windows mobile, iOS, and Android. Web browser-based wallets are available as well.

Gamecredits can be easily transferred or used as a payment method for goods and services. Gamecredits uses the Scrypt algorithm and the proof of work protocol. Blocks are generated every 90 seconds and the difficulty is retargeted after each block. The current block reward is 25 coins.


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