Symbol GAM
Established 06.05.2015
Website URL Link
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Founder oxidian
Algorithm Scrypt
Protocol POB/POS
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Gambit was launched on May 6, 2015. With Gambit, you can do trading, hedging, and buy assets. It is perfect for trading. Gambit's codebase is based on Jumbucks. The long-term goal of Gambit is to be a rare trading token with a deflationary and ever-diminishing supply.

Gambit strives to be the best coin for the crypto trading community by implementing all kinds of trading tools, indicators, buy/sell signals, bots, strategies, and more, that ultimately make traders' lives easier and more successful.

Gambit features a private trading group which includes: 24/7 live Telegram chatroom, technical analysis & charting, exclusive trade signals, custom Tradingview indicators, trading bots, comprehensive reports about new coins, transparency, Bitcoin trading fund, OTC sales data, and more.

The private Telegram group is comprised of traders, miners, developers, designers, programmers, technical analysts and more. Group members can get ahold of private charts & technical analysis that other members of the group share with each other.

Gambit's administration has plans to give trading discounts as well as larger payouts. The more referrals GAM has, the more leverage for better deals Gambit can get. The better rates exchanges provide, the more users they attract. It is a win-win situation for everyone.

GAM tokens can be permanently destroyed via Proof of ZBurn, meaning that destroyed tokens will never be put to use once it happens.


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