Symbol TIPS
Established 22.12.2013
Website URL Link
Block explorer Link
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Founder invisibel
Algorithm Scrypt
Protocol POW
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FedoraCoin came online in 2013. It is an open- source, anonymous virtual currency that has a lot in common with Bitcoin. FedoraCoin(TIPS) is a mixture of Dogecoin and Litecoin.

It was introduced as the ideal cryptocurrency that allows users to thank each other for cooperation in online communities by tipping one another.

Fedora wallet comes with an address, using which you can send and receive TIPS. It is as simple as sending text messages.

FedoraCoin is the payment method of the new era. There are no intermediaries between you and your money. All transactions and coin distribution are handled by the Scrypt algorithm. The “coin mixing” option makes all of your transactions absolutely untraceable.

FedoraCoin can serve as an investment tool as well as conventional money for buying goods and services wherever it is accepted as a payment method.

With its fast block time (10 times faster than Bitcoin’s, thanks to Kimoto's Gravity Well mechanism that makes the system flow smoothly), FedoraCoin allows you to live in the moment, making and receiving immediate payments.


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  • Donde puedo vender FedoraCoins

    Quien me dice como hago para vender FedoraCoins

    By DLCGollo7 ( 186.94.16.* ) 2017-11-14 10:07 0 Comments Add a Comment
  • Donde y como comprar Fedoracoin

    Hola! Agradezco quien me puede decir en donde puedo comprar fedoracoin, ademas como haria para usar fondos en bitcoin de iq options para comprar Fedoracoin?

    By efrainegrette ( 181.33.86.* ) 2017-10-29 10:57 1 Comments Add a Comment

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